Robin Hunter

I design & build interactive tools and digital experiences enabling new forms of creative expression 🌎

I currently work with a bunch of wonderful people @ Fjord London 🇬🇧

You can drop me an email, check my Github or add me on LinkedIn

Public work

Prototyping Accessibility

Peter 2.0 🤖

A spherical, eye-controlled interface which MND superhero Dr Peter Scott-Morgan uses to communicate as the Human Cyborg.

D&AD Future Impact Winner 2020 ✏️

Channel 4 - The Human Cyborg 📺

Web Audio Collaboration

Ocean 🎹

A fun, collaborative, browser-based music making platform. Make beats with friends & share your creations with the world. ↗️

Art Commission Generative Art

10 Print Adventures 👾

A generative art playground & e-gallery exploring Chance and Control for the V&A and Chester Visual Arts.

Make art ↗️

Data Viz Interactive Art

DataSwarm 🐦

Visualising 500~ conference attendees as an interactive data swarm & handing them the controller.

Video ↗️

ES6 React

uFab 🏭

A tool for CNC machine shop owners to deal with CRM, quotations and modelling. Built using all the coolest modern web dev tools.

Visit Site ↗️