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Robin Hunter

Bloom is a WebXR experiment which lets you create a fractal tree garden in your world.

Motivation 🌍

It is 2021 buzzword-du-jour is metaverse. I want to explore what a calm, natural metaverse might feel like rather than a shopping center mixed with an office. It is the COP26 climate summit during the week of writing so I thought putting some virtual trees into the world via immersive web technology was somewhat fitting. I am keen to explore WebXR and this is a great way to get back up speed with three.js.

Approach 👽

I started off by making a simple fractal tree in Processing using 2D vectors + lines + velocity. Converting this over to 3D was a bit tricky but understanding that nesting the branches in the three.js scenegraph is akin to pushMatrix and popMatrix in Processing mad everything a little clearer.

A magic moment was realising that nesting the branches in the tree structure of the three.js scenegraph is the key to making trees in 3D, which is poetic, really.

Prototype 📹